Rio Pitrisconi – Nieddu Mount (San Teodoro)


The only canyoning in Sardinia where water flows throughout the year; the flow rate varies according to the season, although in many of the natural pools you can dive and swim even during the summer.

Level of Difficulty: easy – medium.

Padru – Su Duttore


The canyoning of Su Duttore is located in the territory of Padru. Still little appreciated and frequented, it has nothing to envy to the most famous routes. After a few kilometres along the road to Monte Nieddu you park your car and, after crossing some uncultivated fields, you will reach the first arm that leads to one of the most suggestive passages. The first jump, in fact, passes through a natural hole that leads to a “cave” formed by the overlapping of enormous granite rocks. The famous granite of Gallura will accompany you along the entire descent from where you will enjoy a view of the whole valley of Padru.

Level of difficulty : Medium

Supramonte di Urzulei – Donini Cave


The Donini Cave is located in the Supramonte di Urzulei along the SS 125 near the famous and suggestive Genna Silana Pass.

Once in Sedda Ar Baccas you leave the car and in a few minutes you reach the entrance hole of the cave. We like to call it an “indoor gorge” because of its conformation. It is actually a cave to all intents and purposes, but given the considerable height of the ceilings and the exit to the valley, no ascent techniques are necessary,

you can walk along it quietly with canyoning techniques. The wonder of the place alternates between underground lakes and rocky formations of indescribable beauty. The final descent is breathtaking, coming out of the cave, on a vertical of 50 meters.

Difficulty level: medium.